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Re: An extention for MaxQ

Author oliverbock
Full name Oliver Bock
Date 2006-03-30 14:33:50 PST
Message Dear Bruno and François,

Yes, as luck would have it, MaxQ already includes an abstract script
generation interface, which is used to produce two types of Jython
scripts and plain Java scripts (not maintained).

Overall my only concern with contributions is that they don't break
existing functionality and don't needlessly complicate the structure of
the MaxQ code. New script generators will not cause problems, and the
other suggestions you have (cookie recording and HTTPS support) would
benefit all MaxQ users.

MaxQ does not currently _record_ cookies, but it handles them correctly
during playback, treating all cookies as session cookies.

Because MaxQ needs to see the content of any HTTPS stream it proxies, I
suspect that HTTPS will be a bit tricky. (You would be making a "man in
the middle" attack on the encryption.) Perhaps this will be OK if the
users recording are willing to ignore warnings from their browsers.

I have CC'd this message to the MaxQ dev mailing list because I think
your query is of general interest. I would prefer to continue this
discussion there for the benefit of other contributors (quiet though
they may be).



Bruno Dillenseger wrote:
> Hello,
> As CLIF project leader, I confirm that we are looking for some open
> source HTTP proxy in Java to reuse and adapt as a web session recorder.
> The thing is that we want to produce scripts with a CLIF specific
> format (ISAC XML format).
> According to Francois and Olivier, your code would be the best for our
> target.
> I must confess that I did not see your code yet, but the way I see
> things could be done would consist in defining a generic script
> generation interface in order to abstract the capture itself from the
> actual script generation in a target language (currently Python). This
> would make your project easily reusable by many projects, such as CLIF
> that would provide an ISAC script generator. But probably this
> interface already exists?
> Of course, Olivier and Francois would contribute to the job with my
> support, as well as your agreement, supervision and support. We'd
> rather contribute to your project instead of duplicating it somewhere
> and building a parallel branch in CLIF project. Our target is to have
> support for cookies and hopefully HTTPS.
> To conclude with this request, please note that Olivier and Francois
> will end this work by the end of April... so things should be decided
> Best regards,
> -- Bruno.
> Le jeudi 30 mars 2006 à 17:00 +0200, François Vinassac a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> we are 2 students working on a web session recorder for the CLIF project
>> ( http://clif.objectweb.org/ ), a ObjectWeb Consortium project.
>> The purpose of our work is to capture HTTP requests of a
>> web session in order to generate an ISAC scenario,
>> which can be replayed by the CLIF injector.
>> Would you agree to integrate our generator in your project ? Also we
>> guess if your proxy is able to record cookies. If not, we will have to
>> modify your HttpRequestHeader class to support them. Would you
>> accept those contributions ?
>> We are really interested in your project and we hope a positive
>> response.
>> Best regards,
>> François Vinassac

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