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bug : HttpTestCase::getResponse

Author christophe blin <cblin at tennaxia dot com>
Full name christophe blin <cblin at tennaxia dot com>
Date 2005-10-19 10:21:46 PDT
Message hi,

in HttpTestCase.java, there is a bug in getResponse().
Because method.getResponseBody returns a byte array and so new
String(getResponseBody()) <--> convert a byte[] into a string which is
not good because of encoding.
let us write an example to demonstrate the bug :
test.html (written in iso-8859-15):
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
    no-accents: e e a
    accents: é è à

# imports
from PyHttpTestCase import PyHttpTestCase

# defintition of test class
class MaxQTest(PyHttpTestCase):
    def __init__(self):
        PyHttpTestCase.__init__(self, "")

    def runTest(self):
        print self.responseContains('accents: é è à');
        print self.getResponse().f​ind('accents: é è à');
# Code to load and run the test
test = MaxQTest()

this will print :

this is because self.responseContains <--> return
method.getResponsseB​odyAsString().indexO​f(s) != -1 and so this is true
and self.getResponse().find <--> return
method.getResponseBo​dy().indexOf(s) != -1 and so this is wrong

you could ask why will I need to do self.getResponse().find ? this is
because in fact I use regexp on the response HTML to find my elements to

note: this problem will not appear on windows. To have the problem on
windows, you should replace iso-8859-15 by utf8 (and of course encode
the test.html in utf8)


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