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[maxq-issues] [Issue 37] New - POST enhancement

Author callbabusats
Full name R.Sathish
Date 2004-08-18 23:06:50 PDT
Message http://maxq.tigris.o​rg/issues/show_bug.c​gi?id=37
                  Issue #:|37
                  Summary:|POST enhancement
        Status whiteboard:|
               Issue type:|ENHANCEMENT
              Assigned to:|issues@maxq
              Reported by:|callbabusats

------- Additional comments from callbabusats at tigris dot org Wed Aug 18 23:06:50 -0700 2004 -------
When data is posted, i would like to see response from server. Hence Can you
include after every deducted post, printResponse . Please redirect
printResponse to a HTMLpane, rather than stderr.
Kindly include assertTrue(self.resp​onseContains(".....P​rompt user to add ...")
after every post.

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[maxq-issues] [Issue 37] New - POST enhancement callbabusats R.Sathish 2004-08-18 23:06:50 PDT
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