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[maxq-issues] [Issue 16] EOF exception

Author rbb
Full name Ryan Bloom
Date 2004-07-18 13:26:22 PDT
Message http://maxq.tigris.o​rg/issues/show_bug.c​gi?id=16

User rbb changed the following:

                  What |Old value |New value
                    Status|NEW |RESOLVED
                Resolution| |INVALID

------- Additional comments from rbb at tigris dot org Sun Jul 18 13:26:21 -0700 2004 -------
There isn't really enough information in the report to find and fix the bug.
Can you reproduce it with 0.95? Can you post the script that causes this to
happen? For now, I am marking this bug as invalid, because we can't even begin
to find the problem.

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[maxq-issues] [Issue 16] EOF exception rbb Ryan Bloom 2004-07-18 13:26:22 PDT
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