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Donation of test scripts

Author Eric Lo <eric dot lo at inf dot ethz dot ch>
Full name Eric Lo <eric dot lo at inf dot ethz dot ch>
Date 2005-10-18 03:16:34 PDT
Message [sorry if you get this email more than once]

Hello all,

I am working on a research project to speedup the testing time of web
applications. I have developed an algorithm (using MaxQ) to minimize
the number of test database resets (bring the test database state back
to the initial state) between each test case. It is beause such
database reset is slow.

The experiment results on some artifical test run is great. However, I
could only (hardly) create 10 toy test cases manually on a small open
source web application.

Could anyone here donate me your test scripts ( >50 scripts is ok) and
the application you tested on (with/without source code also great)?

Of course, if my works proofed to have good performance, I will also
donate my algorithms/codes/thanks to this project.

Best regards,
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