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[maxq-dev] Contribution drag-n-drop text to check

Author svoisin
Full name Séverin Voisin
Date 2004-11-16 10:22:31 PST
Message Hello,

In my implementation I wanted to keep the defauld behavior, (let the
user choose), and also have a only a simple method to override in the
It would be nice to do the thing for to go before the gifs/jpg, but then I
only the Generator can do this, to 'parse' upward until it recognize a
of a textual content.

If it's ok for you, I could put the 'under mouse' as default, and document
a bit the other functionnalities.

For Mac, I am sorry but I have no clue, I have the same problem on Linux.
All what I know is that copy/paste and drag/drop functionnality are OS
dependent. May be
you may see a different when updating of jdk (between 1.4.2_01 and 1.4.2_06,
there are
several bug fixes on drag and drop).
I am not sure either to use the correct method : I use awt methods and not
the Swing Transfert thing,
because I could not find out how to differenciate the copy/paste and the
drag and drop on with the swing
methods. I will put a new version tomorow, and you could then tell me if
it's ok.


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To: dev at maxq dot tigris dot org
Subject: Re: [maxq-dev] Contribution drag-n-drop text to check


Works for me! Can we simplify the interface? Users may fail to guess
which mode is needed for Compact scripts and which is needed for
Standard scripts. An alternative would be to give the drop position to
the script. Standard scripts would insert at the position (or perhaps
in future search out the last non-image GET), and Compact scripts could
just append. What do you think?

When I drop text using my Mac (OS X 10.3.6), it whizzes back to the
window from which it came. The drop works, but this makes it appear to
have failed. Is this a shortcoming of the Mac's implementation of drag
and drop, or is something missing?


On 15/11/2004, at 22:11, Séverin Voisin wrote:

> Hello Oliver,
> I just committed the stuff. I hope it does not clashes with anyone's
> code.
> To use it, you now have a 'Drag and Drop' menu, and you have
> to select a 'dnd mode'. By default, it is the same behavior as before
> (you drag an drop a text, and the text is inserted under the mouse).
> but the new modes are :
> - 'append', that puts the check at the end of
> the script (usefull with the CompactGenerator)
> - 'put under mouse' usefull with the StandardGenerator,
> where you really have to put the test under the 'get' or
> 'post' of the page and not after an image 'get'.
> In generators, can override the 'getCheckResponseCon​tainsScript' to
> generate the code lines.
> Séverin.
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