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Re: An extention for MaxQ

Author oliverbock
Full name Oliver Bock
Date 2006-04-05 00:54:39 PDT
Message Bruno Dillenseger wrote:
>> I think it makes sense for the delay information to be available for all
>> generators, so I think it should be included in the main part of MaxQ.
>> Non-ISAC generators can ignore this information, at least for now.
>> (Perhaps later they will include it in a comment.) As to whether the
>> HTTP headers are a good place to get the information, I do not know what
>> is available there. Why would this more complicated approach be
>> superior to simply using the system clock? If the test uses more than
>> one computer you may have problems with unsynchronised clocks or clocks
>> in different time zones.
> Yes. Probably it would be better to include date information (from the
> proxy local system clock) in the script generation interface.
> It probably requires to modify something in what you call "the main
> part" of MaxQ. How do you evaluate the amount of work for this
> enhancement?
There are too many unknowns for me to put a number on it, but I would
call it "easy to medium" as it will require some understanding of MaxQ's
recording internals, and simple modification to all generators.


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