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Author oliverbock
Full name Oliver Bock
Date 2006-04-02 01:20:57 PST
Message Does anybody build/run MaxQ using Eclipse? I've told Eclipse to use
build.xml and it mostly works, but it complains:

Unbound classpath container: '/Users/oliver/src/maxq/conf' in project
Unbound classpath container: '/Users/oliver/src/m​axq/target/build' in
project maxq

and refuses to build. What is it worried about? I can get around it
(see below), but it would be nice to fix build.xml for Eclipse while
still having it work with ant.

Here's what I've done to get MaxQ working nicely under Eclips 3.1:

To get the editor to work consistently with MaxQ code style:
- Project->Properties->Java Code Style->Formatter
   Set up a profile as follows:
   Tab policy: Spaces only
   Indentation size: 2
   Tab size: 2

To get it compiling cleanly:
- Project->Properties->Java Compiler:
   Generated .class files compatibility: 1.4
   Source compatibility: 1.4
- Project->Properties->Java Compiler->Errors/Warnings:
   Enable project specific settings: ticked
   In Potential programming problems:
     Serializable class without serialVersionUID: Ignore
- Project->Properties->Java Build Path:
   Removed maxq/conf [broken]
   Removed maxq/target/build [broken]

To get it running/debugging from within Eclipse
- Run->Run...->Classpath:
   Click User Entries
   Click Advanced
   Select Add Folders
   Select maxq/conf

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Eclipse oliverbock Oliver Bock 2006-04-02 01:20:57 PST
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