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Re: An extention for MaxQ

Author oliverbock
Full name Oliver Bock
Date 2006-03-31 01:25:02 PST
Message On 31/03/2006, at 18:16, Bruno Dillenseger wrote:
> Encryption is inherent to HTTPS and so you are right in considering
> that the proxy approach looks like a man-in-the-middle.
> We could consider the way OpenSTA's capture proxy solves this
> problem, by changing https://... URIs to http://{... URIs and
> having the proxy manage the HTTPS protocol with the server and
> record whatever necessary without encryption problem.
> See:
> http://portal.openst​a.org/modules.php?
> op=modload&name=​phpWiki&file=ind​ex&pagename=Reco​rdingHttps
> http://portal.openst​a.org/modules.php?
> op=modload&name=​News&file=articl​e&sid=5
> So, to sum up:
> - probably there is nothing to change about MaxQ (we just have to
> check the abstract script generation interface),
> - HTTPS support could probably be introduced, based for instance on
> OpenSTA's trick.

Having read all the text required to explain the http://{ trick, and
read about the IE bug, and considered that it won't solve URLs
embedded in CSS files, JavaScript or other client-side technologies,
I think that the solution they rejected is superior: MaxQ should be
man-in-the-middle. The cost is a single warning at the start of
recording. In exchange we get reliable recording that requires
little explanation.


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