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Contributions Doubt

Author Amir Carlessi <amirc at cit dot com dot br>
Full name Amir Carlessi <amirc at cit dot com dot br>
Date 2006-01-06 11:03:00 PST
Message Hi there,

I'm a developer from a brazilian software enterprise, called Ci&T
Software S.A. (www.cit.com.br or www.ciandt.com), and I work for a unit
that supplies components and tools to enhance our sofware factory
productivity (CBD - Component Based Development Team).

One of our concerns was: how can we write regression tests based on the
user interface easily, at na reasonable price (low license cost)? We
researched a little and found your tool, which fullfiled most of our
requirements. It is nowadays been evaluated and used by our testing team
(QA), at about 5 people, and has been deployed on 2 of our projects (at
about 10 developers are using it). The feedbacks are good.

However we found out that some important features where missing, so we
decided to add them. We had a very good surprise: it is very easy to do
that ! Congrats! Your tool's architecture is really good.

Now we want to know if you have interest in these features
(implementation and documentation in English), which are described
below. If the answer is positive, we would like to know the conditions
(and the steps we should take) to donate and integrate them into the
official version of the component. We wouldn't like to have a branch here.

There's only one requirement: we would like to mantain the developer
names who have implemented the new features and the company name, both
in the classes javadocs. Better still, is it possible that we can put
our company name in the site as partner ?

Let me describe the features:

1 - A response dump mechanism:

Saves the response content returned by a post/get call for some url in a
html file.
Example: a script like

params = None
url = "http://www.google.com"

would save the page. We also implemented a filter mechanism, to avoid
saving any unwanted response
content: in the file maxq.properties it's possible to define the
extensions (.jsp,.html,.htm, .do... ) that should be saved.

2 - CSV script

We create a third script template, which allows to iterate over a CSV
file. In the first line of the file we write the parameters name, and
right bellow them (in the same column) its value. It's something like this:

productName, creationDate, unitCost
nome1, date1, valor1
nome2, date2, valor2
nome3, date3, valor3

In each iteration (for its line of the file), its created the url that
will be requested. So,for the file above we have three requests:

1: http://<url>/?​productName=nome1​&creationDate=date1​&unitCost=valor1​
2: http://<url>/?​productName=nome2​&creationDate=date2​&unitCost=valor2​
3: http://<url>/?​productName=nome3​&creationDate=date3​&unitCost=valor3​

We loop over the CSV file using Python loops.

3 - Html content comparison

Compares (a JUnit test) a html file saved on disk (by using the dump
mechanism) and the return content of a request. This is a good feature
when you know the page's content you expect from a given request.

Looking forward your answer,

Best regards,
Amir Carlessi


Ci&T Software
Visite nosso site: www.cit.com.br

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