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[maxq-dev] template based code generation

Author rkrzewsk
Full name Rafał Krzewski
Date 2005-03-10 05:34:44 PST
Message My contribution is ready for public review. To save bandwidth I've
uploaded the file to a web server:

The file contains required jar files, to save you jar hunting /
building, and an unidiff that can be applied to up-to-date CVS.

I hereby donate the source code contained in the file mentioned above to
the MaxQ project, allowing it's reditribution and use on the same terms
as all other source code in that project.

Additional I have requested developer role in MaxQ project, with the
intent of maintaing the source code I am contributing if / when it is
included in the project.


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[maxq-dev] template based code generation rkrzewsk Rafał Krzewski 2005-03-10 05:34:44 PST
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