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[maxq-dev] TemplateCodeGenerator - first cut

Author rkrzewsk
Full name Rafał Krzewski
Date 2005-03-09 07:18:48 PST
Message Hello, all

I'm posting a preview of my template based code generator. It may be
tricky to copile - additional dependencies are needed (velocity, log4j,
commons-collections, httpunit), and httpunit needs to be patched.
(patches are in the file, I submitted them to httpunit bugtracker already)

there is only one set of templates, and I'm going to put more comments
in it. I will also add jWebUnit template set, and a simple set
especially for explaination.

The javadocs are already in place.

I'm open to comments / suggestions.


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[maxq-dev] TemplateCodeGenerator - first cut rkrzewsk Rafał Krzewski 2005-03-09 07:18:48 PST
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