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[maxq-dev] defect in CVS codebase [patch]

Author rkrzewsk
Full name Rafał Krzewski
Date 2005-03-09 00:51:41 PST
Message I tried reporting the issue through the tigris isssue tracker but, to my
surprise, project observers don't have sufficient permisions to do
that... Is this due to a policy decision, or a shortcoming of
tigris.org? ;-)


There is a problem in AbstractCodeGenerator.java, apparently introduced
  by user saijko in revision 1.21 (maxq4idea setup changeset):

454 private String parseContentType(String response)
455 {
456 String contentType = null;
458 int pos = response.indexOf("Co​ntent-Type:")


333 String respStr = new String(response).toLowerCase();
335 String respCode = parseResponseCode(respStr);
336 String contentType = parseContentType(respStr);

Content-Type is obviously never matched in lowercased string. Result:
maxq filters out ALL requests. Patch attached.


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[maxq-dev] defect in CVS codebase [patch] rkrzewsk Rafał Krzewski 2005-03-09 00:51:41 PST
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