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Re: [maxq-dev] Up to date source - how to ? (Struts token management)

Author oliverbock
Full name Oliver Bock
Date 2005-02-21 13:34:15 PST
Message > I've just implemented some enhancement to the 0.98 release of the MaxQ
> Project
> in order to easily manage the Struts TOKEN, as mentioned in previous
> email.
> I downloaded the source from CVS last week so maybe that they are not
> up
> to date, but don't worry, I cannot commit so I would just send you my
> sources
> so you can check them and, eventually, post them to the cvs repository.
> I' haven't created a new generator but I followed the Oliver
> suggestions:
> - a check in the AbstractCodeGenerato​r.processResponse() that call a
> setStruts
> in the derived generator
> - a simple flag in the concrete generator with a setter method
> - a condition in the concrete generator (only JythonCodeGenerator by
> now)
> that check if the parameter is a Struts TOKEN and change the value of
> the
> parameter.
> Obviously it should be refactored (a lot). It's a start point.
> Can you tell me where can I send the sources ?

Hi Matteo,

If you run 'cvs update' then your source code will be brought
up-to-date with the latest changes. You can then try your changes
alongside Dylan's. If you send excerpts of your changes to this list
then I'd be happy to comment, but I don't have time to manually merge
your changes back into CVS.

At this point we need to consider how we will work with CVS. When I
came to MaxQ I found a working release but a non-working version in
CVS. Substantial amounts of my time and that of others was spent
unbreaking a code base that had been screwed up by other developers.
This sort of thing is death to an open-source project because most
people who might contribute useful changes will not do so if they must
first debug some other developer's code.

I think it is reasonable to require that anyone who commits a change
must first re-test MaxQ. If his change breaks the test scripts then he
must fix them. If he cannot fix them then he should seek assistance.

This presents a problem for you because Dylan says he has broken the
test scripts. Therefore you cannot test your changes and so cannot
commit them. If you can fix Dylan's scripts then that is wonderful.
If not then you must wait until somebody else does.

Hopefully I will get a chance to see what is wrong with the scripts in
the next week. If I do not fix the scripts, and nobody else does, then
I will remove Dylan's changes from CVS. Obviously this is a very
autocratic and unreasonable thing to do. If anyone has a better idea
for a way forward then please suggest it.


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