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[maxq-dev] Up to date source - how to ? (Struts token management)

Author mregazzi
Full name Matteo Regazzi
Date 2005-02-21 07:35:10 PST
Message Hi all,

I've just implemented some enhancement to the 0.98 release of the MaxQ Project
in order to easily manage the Struts TOKEN, as mentioned in previous email.

I downloaded the source from CVS last week so maybe that they are not up
to date, but don't worry, I cannot commit so I would just send you my sources
so you can check them and, eventually, post them to the cvs repository.

I' haven't created a new generator but I followed the Oliver suggestions:

- a check in the AbstractCodeGenerato​r.processResponse() that call a setStruts
in the derived generator
- a simple flag in the concrete generator with a setter method
- a condition in the concrete generator (only JythonCodeGenerator by now)
that check if the parameter is a Struts TOKEN and change the value of the

Obviously it should be refactored (a lot). It's a start point.

Can you tell me where can I send the sources ?

Bye and thank you very much in advance.


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[maxq-dev] Up to date source - how to ? (Struts token management) mregazzi Matteo Regazzi 2005-02-21 07:35:10 PST
     Re: [maxq-dev] Up to date source - how to ? (Struts token management) oliverbock Oliver Bock 2005-02-21 13:34:15 PST
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