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[maxq-dev] Looking to help

Author Robert Blackburn <rwblackburn at gmail dot com>
Full name Robert Blackburn <rwblackburn at gmail dot com>
Date 2004-11-14 10:21:59 PST
Message Hello,
I just joined this mailing list, so please excuse me if I break any
mailing list protocols. :o)

I was reading about MaxQ, and this sounds like a great product, and I
am interested in trying to contribute if you need a hand. I am
currently employed at APC (http://www.apcc.com) as a Sr Web Developer
and manager of the Internet Application Development team. So I plan on
giving MaxQ a try when I get into work on Monday.
My primary developing language is ColdFusion with a MS SQL back end (I
am also familiar with PHP, MySQL, DHTML/CSS/JS). However I have also
used Java for a few years now (though I still consider myself a bit of
a novice with Java). I have read a bit about Python, and am very
interested in learning more about that too.

I noticed that on your Tigris page you have a plain text chart with
the caption of:
"We'd certainly appreciate it if someone could turn these into
professional-looking graphics."
So, I took the liberty of making a simple GIF of this chart. I hope it
helps. If it is not what you expected or not arranged appropraitely,
just let me know.

This would be my first time working in an open source project like
this, so I don't mind taking on small tasks to get my feet wet :o)


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[maxq-dev] Looking to help Robert Blackburn <rwblackburn at gmail dot com> Robert Blackburn <rwblackburn at gmail dot com> 2004-11-14 10:21:59 PST
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