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[maxq-dev] [PATCH] using JFileChooser.showSaveDialog in SwingMain.java

Author orutherfurd
Full name Ollie Rutherfurd
Date 2004-03-17 14:23:58 PST
Message Hi,

I just recently discovered MaxQ and it looks like a great app!

Playing with it on OS X, I noticed I couldn't save tests because
JFileChooser.showOpenDialog is used in a couple places instead of
JFileChooser.showSaveDialog. Minor as it is, I've attached a patch for this.

Also, it seems like script generation is broken in CVS, because of the change to
Jakarta's HttpClient (getResponse().getStatusCode() vs
getMethod().getStatusCode(). I've modified JythonCodeGenerator.java to fix
this, but figure before I start sending too much stuff to the dev list I'd ask
what the practice is.

Thanks for a great tool!


Ollie Rutherfurd

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[maxq-dev] [PATCH] using JFileChooser.showSaveDialog in SwingMain.java orutherfurd Ollie Rutherfurd 2004-03-17 14:23:58 PST
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