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[maxq-dev] code to contribute

Author Wayne_Hearn at Dell dot com
Full name Wayne_Hearn at Dell dot com
Date 2003-08-18 13:12:26 PDT
Message Like others in this list I have added some functionality to MaxQ after
finding it a very useful tool. I am new to contributing to open source so
I'm not sure how I should submit my changes. I followed this discussion
thread but I have a problem in that I'm behind a firewall that won't let me
connect to your CVS. The other issue I have is I'm not sure the changes
I've made would be acceptable to everyone. How are changes approved? I
made some changes to the jython script that is generated to make use of the
underlying JUnit framework and to allow the test scripts to be callable from
one another. I thought it would be easier to allow one script to call
another to facilitate reuse. I read the section in the docs about creating
libraries but this is easier for the workflow portions of the script. One
other thing I changed was to create the test file from the File->New
operation. This way MaxQ can give the test class a specific class name
instead of just "MaxQTest." My concern is that the script I generate is not
fully compatible with existing MaxQ scripts so a conversion would have to be
done if you wanted to leverage old scripts with the new scripts. Here is a
# imports
from com.bitmechanic.maxq import HttpTestCase, EditorPane
from junit.textui import TestRunner
from java.lang import *
from java.io import *
from java.util import *
from HTTPClient import NVPair

# definition of test class
class MaxTest(HttpTestCase):
    def __init__(self):
        HttpTestCase.__init__(self, testName)
    # Add setup code here. See Junit javadoc.
    def setUp(self):
    # Add tearDown code here. See Junit javadoc.
    def tearDown(self):
    #Runs the test
    def runTest(self):
    #Test script
    def doTest(self):

# Code to load and run the test
if __name__ == "main" :
    test = MaxTest("MaxTest")

I also wrote some extensions for Ant tasks base on the Jakarta JUnit tasks.
I take advantage of the JUnit TestResult formatters to create the same
summary files as JUnit creates. Using the JUnitReport tag gives you the
same XML/HTML based output junit builds for normal Java unit tests. Here is
a snip from my build file:
<target name="maxq_tests" depends="test-init"
    description="Runs the Maxq tests. Make sure the app is built and
running before executing this task.">
  <echo message="currentURL=​${webtest.currentUR​L}"/>
  <echo message="originalURL​=${webtest.original​URL}"/>
  <formatter type="xml"/>
      <fileset dir=".">
        <include name="Testing/WebTes​ts/Tests/**/${webte​st.to.run}.py"/>
      <antcall target="test-report" />
      <fail if="tests.failed" message="tests failed!"/>
   <target name="test-report">
       <junitreport todir="${reports.tests}">
    <fileset dir="${reports.tests}" excludes="TESTS-Test​Suites.xml"/>
    <report format="frames" todir="${reports.te​sts}/html"/>

Wayne Hearn
Programmer Analyst
Dell Financial Services

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