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[maxq-dev] vote for a couple of (very slight) changes

Author dillense
Full name Bruno Dillenseger
Date 2009-09-08 08:55:51 PDT
Message Hello,

We've just integrated MaxQ proxy in the Eclipse console of the CLIF load
testing platform. This integration consists of a "New HTTP capture"
wizard which first sets maxq configuration properties and then starts
the capture, through an Eclipse SWT and JFace GUI.

To do this, we had to perform slight changes in classes Config and

    * We need to support extra configuration settings and to reload
      these settings dynamically (when the wizard is run again and
      again). For this, we inherit from Config.java, but we need to
      change from private to protected visibility for 2 attributes and
      for the constructor.
    * We need to stop and restart maxq proxy server (with a new
      configuration) each time the wizard is run. For this, we add a
      public getter method for the ProxyServer class' srvSock attribute,
      and call the close() method on the ServerSocket in order to stop
      it. Then, we catch the thrown exception in the run() method, set a
      "close" boolean attribute, and terminate the thread activity.
    * It is interesting to get the number of captured requests. So we
      add a public method to get the "count" attribute of class ProxyServer.

That's all. Changes are minor and I see no reason why they could affect
the normal functioning of MaxQ.
Please find attached the corresponding diff/patch file, and tell me if I
may commit these changes.

Best regards,
-- Bruno.

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[maxq-dev] vote for a couple of (very slight) changes dillense Bruno Dillenseger 2009-09-08 08:55:51 PDT
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