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[maxq-dev] MaxQ to generate other code types

Author ydamyanov
Full name Yassen Damyanov
Date 2003-05-19 01:39:49 PDT
Message Hi there,

I use MaxQ for building web test cases for quite some time. I came
across the following idea: It would be relatively easy IMHO to modify
MaxQ to handle generation of different code types. E.g.
jwebunit-oriented code. Or httpunit. Or something. The code consists of
a header part, a body that depends on the concrete test case, and a
"footer" part (closing statements). I suggest reworking the MaxQ code
generation routines to handle that somehow. I also find it useful to try
and integrate such a modified MaxQ tool into the eclipse IDE. I think I
would be able to contribute for such changes if anyone else finds them



Yassen Damyanov
JDC, Telecomputer BG

Java Development Center, IIS Ltd.
G.M. Dimitrov blvd. bl.60 apt.79
Sofia, BG-1172

email: yDamyanov at iis dot bg
phone: +359(0)2-962-5581
fax: +359(0)2-720-531

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