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RE: [maxq-dev] Re: Support for Multipart HTTP Requests (Edgar Nidome)

Author edgar
Full name Edgar Nidome
Date 2003-03-14 14:51:49 PST
Message Hm...we've been having problems with our mail server today. I've been
reading the replies through the Mailing List's archives. I hope this goes
out now/soon.

First off, great work James M.! Thanks for reviewing, modifying, testing
and integrating my changes so quickly. I've done some initial testing on
our app with CVS latest and it looks great. Although I did find a bug in
'my' code. I will be entering an Issue for it. It has to do with escaping
single quotes in the text specified in the form-data. The issue will
include more details. I'll look into fixing it right away.

>James Manning wrote:
>that's pretty weird. I've noticed that CookieModule is built-in with
>HTTPClient, so hopefully we can eventually use it to get the cookie
>behaving correctly working for you :) Since both myself and Stefan
>(issue #8 :) need redirection off by default, I'm gonna put in the fix
>back in for this for now (since in generally it's the "right thing to
>do"), but feel free to keep it as a local mod for your build for now
>until we can work out the "right fix" for your cookie issues. If you
>can come up with a minimal test case to show the problem, that'd be
>ideal of course :)

I think my problem is fixed! I'm running with CVS latest (no mods) and I
don't get the Cookie problem.

>In case the removing of the redirection *after* the
>CookieModule.set​CookiePolicyHandler call was causing the problem, I'm
>removing the RedirectionModule *before* that call now in case there's
>some weird interaction going on there. See if it works better for you
>now? I hope so, even if the likelihood seems low :)

Maybe this did it! I'll play around with it later just to pin point. Thanks
James M.

-Edgar Nidome

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