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New potential use?

Author hms_suprise
Full name john v hite
Date 2007-03-06 14:00:50 PST
Message Greetings,

My manager has just asked me to look at maxq for some of our testing needs. I have just started looking at it but wondered if it could not do more than more us than testing.

We set up quite a few servers throughout the year. Some of the things we do is setup disk partitions, add users, copy files over the network, minor file editting, install winMerge, winobj, etc, MySQL, PHP, Apache, start and stop services, and install our software. Normally I wouldn't think this a task for maxq. However it is too warm in the server room so after I install e-blvd I do all the rest of it remotely. It seems like some of this could be done via maxq.

Does it sound like some of this is doable?



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New potential use? hms_suprise john v hite 2007-03-06 14:00:50 PST
     Re: [maxq-users] New potential use? oliverbock Oliver Bock 2007-03-06 23:12:50 PST
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