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quick query

Author kevingpo
Full name KevinGPO
Date 2006-03-03 02:31:09 PST
Message What is the difference between users & users-help @maxq.tigris.org mailing

I just tried maxq and quite like it. I got the hang of recording my steps
through my website and then running the macro again.

Somethings I wanted to ask on possibility of expanding, improving maxq.

Currently maxq stores and uses static links. Am wondering if it's possible
to have variable form post data that is bounded to a URL.

My website is ASP/XSL & web service oriented. ASP pages generate a XML
structure/tree that gets transformed through XSL and final page displayed.
Note, even though I am using ASP, these issues below also apply to PHP and
all dynamically server-generated html pages.

At the start the user logs into the website. The web service is passed a
username & password. A "session ID" is returned from the web service. So
it's this "session ID" that is different all the time and gets past via the
form post data.

eg. SessionID: 361A051E-33CA-47AD-A​AD0-6C583D37CABB

I notice that maxq stores the whole form post data string (appended at end
of URL links). The session ID form variable is pernamently stored in the
maxq script. Is it possible to improve maxq so that form data that has been
returned from ASP web service function calls, are dynamic and must be
retrieved each time?

For now, the script is fine as long as I don't log out - hence the session
ID is the same.

Other issue is that we use our web service to access records in our

eg. RecordID: 05A0219B-5ECB-42F6-B​779-4D83DB23B0A6

Yep, you guessed it. The RecordID is variable as well, like a session just
for the duration of that record being open. Once record closes, that
RecordID is useless/gone. If you open the same record, the RecordID will be

My website just uses RecordID & SessionID that changes all the time (as in
for the lifetime of being logged in, or having the record open). These two
varaibles are always past as form post data. Is it possible for maxq to
store SessionID and RecordID as a variable in maxq script? I guess it would
be hard since the ASP actually generated this into the form. How about maxq
parsing the ASP page to see whether form post data was dynamically created.
If so then that form post data is dynamic and should be renewed each time
the maxq script is ran?

I guess this would be hard since maxq was designed to be a proxy/middle-man,
grabbing all URLs sent from browser.

I know! maxq can quick scan the current html page (that was dynamically
generated by asp). Take a note of these "new, dynamically, generated" form
post data variables. Then fill them in, in the URLs, eg.
nextpage.asp?RecordI​D=05A0219B-5ECB-42F6​-B779-4D83DB23B0A6, etc.

I'll have a look at the maxq source code, but bear in mind that am not good
at this.... What do other developers think?

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