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[maxq-users] multipart support: header/url too long

Author saperski
Full name Marcin Cieslak
Date 2005-03-23 02:39:05 PST
Message Hello,

First, congratulations for maintaining such a simple yet great product!

When testing a Zope intranet application at our site I have noticed
that I occasionally receive 413 HTTP reply code from Squid put in
front of our Zope.

Squid complained that:
2005/03/22 21:13:43| Request header is too large (12287 bytes)
even if you increase the request header size you quickly run into URL
length limit.

They I have found that that HttpTestCase postMultiPart method
just stuffs the parameters into the query string, that makes the URL
extra long (my data size was well over 90kilobytes). I was going to
write a quick patch for that, but I don't know that's the purpose of
the extra "data" argument?

Greetings from Frankfurt,


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[maxq-users] multipart support: header/url too long saperski Marcin Cieslak 2005-03-23 02:39:05 PST
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