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[maxq-users] MaxQ and csv file handling

Author jer_57
Full name Jerry
Date 2005-02-12 08:58:08 PST
Message Hello MaxQ,

  I am just starting to learn/work with MaxQ and have run into a
  little problem. I was developing my python on a Linux system but
  when I moved it to MaxQ, the module I was using (csv) isn't
  available there. The Linux system has Python 2.3 installed and it
  appears that the csv module is included by default. Is there an
  easy way to add this to MaxQ right now?


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[maxq-users] MaxQ and csv file handling jer_57 Jerry 2005-02-12 08:58:08 PST
     Re: [maxq-users] MaxQ and csv file handling oliverbock Oliver Bock 2005-02-12 14:12:15 PST
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