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[maxq-users] Re: MaxQ and Stuts token

Author mregazzi
Full name Matteo Regazzi
Date 2005-02-12 04:26:46 PST
Message Hi Oliver,

well, I would like to study MaxQ code in order to try to think a solution.
Unfortunately now I'm more invloved in management than in development (ARGH!)
and my java capabilities are going away..... but I will try to implement
some evolutive steps to this solution:
1 - refactor the method so we can have a more generic way to obtain the token
(Struts and non Struts)
2 - refactor the method because the string search is very dirty.....
3 - add a token recording capability (yes, I think this is the more useful

I will be able to examine during the next week and find if I can work on
this or not.


1. During playback we could recognise struts and silently replace the
struts token in outgoing requests.
2. During recording we could recognise struts and insert calls to your
function (or perhaps simply a reference to a variable) in the script.

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[maxq-users] Re: MaxQ and Stuts token mregazzi Matteo Regazzi 2005-02-12 04:26:46 PST
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