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[maxq-users] MaxQ and Stuts token

Author mregazzi
Full name Matteo Regazzi
Date 2005-02-08 06:00:30 PST
Message Hi, as I said in a prior email, I found a problem using MaxQ with applications
that use the Token generation/validation feature offered by Stuts. In fact
you record a script but the recorder hard codes the token it received. So
I made a quick and dirty solution: I added a method in the HttpTestCase class,
named getStrutsToken(), that parses the responseString and returns the token
(now it's based on the string position). So you can record a full script,
then edit it adding the instruction:
just after the post to the page that returns the token. Last you have to
modify the params definition just befor the invocation of the page/action/servlet
ecc that needs the token. The instruction:

params = [('''org.apache.stru​ts.taglib.html.TOKEN​''', '''d52c0177385dc8d27​c9fbc8b7d49d46a'''),​]


params = [('''org.apache.stru​ts.taglib.html.TOKEN​''', strutsToken),]

This is the code of the new method: I know it's owful with a lot of magic
numbers and magic strings, but everyone can start from here in order to
develop a good solution (for example I'm thinking to a simple replaceToken
method in order to have a single instruction to add to the script ecc. ecc.)

    public String getStrutsToken() {
        String responseString = new String(method.getRes​ponseBodyAsString())​;
        String strutsToken = null;
        int index = responseString.index​Of("org.apache.strut​s.taglib.html.TOKEN"​);

        index = index + 44;
        strutsToken = responseString.subst​ring(index,index + 32);
        return strutsToken;


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[maxq-users] MaxQ and Stuts token mregazzi Matteo Regazzi 2005-02-08 06:00:30 PST
     Re: [maxq-users] MaxQ and Stuts token oliverbock Oliver Bock 2005-02-08 15:11:23 PST
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