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[maxq-users] Followup to bug #38

Author noodl
Full name Vincent Bray
Date 2004-09-08 01:41:24 PDT
Message Hi,
First of all, is this project still under active development?
I have run into the same problem as described in issue #38.
Is there any follow-up to this? I'd really like to get this system
working.. The installation documentation doesn't mention the need for
any third party components aside from the jre. Is this correct?

Platform: Sun's j2sdk1.4.2_05 running on Fedora Core 2.
Thanks, and apologies for the enormous email signature,

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[maxq-users] Followup to bug #38 noodl Vincent Bray 2004-09-08 01:41:24 PDT
     Re: [maxq-users] Followup to bug #38 oliverbock Oliver Bock 2004-09-09 18:29:13 PDT
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