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[maxq-users] Questionnaire about MaxQ

Author fcohen
Full name Frank Cohen
Date 2004-06-25 08:04:09 PDT
Message A very interesting list. Here's a try:

Generation of editable test scripts by capturing
application and user I/O activity
MaxQ: yes, TestMaker: yes

Real time data stream capture
If "real time" means something like Real Audio, then:
MaxQ: no, TestMaker: no

Network Interaction capture
MaxQ: no, TestMaker: no

Text Checkpoint support
MaxQ: yes, plus it provides an html validation library, TestMaker: yes

Data Driver Interface support
MaxQ: yes, JDBC, TestMaker: yes

Parameterized testing support
MaxQ: yes, with coding, TestMaker: yes

Synchronization support
MaxQ: yes, with coding, TestMaker, yes, provided through TestNetwork

No practical limitation to fonts or sizes
MaxQ: no, recording is at HTTP protocol level, TestMaker, no

Hot key capture
GUI object capture even if they are invisible
Recording and checkpoints for all attributes of GUI objects
Referencing the coordinates of an object relative to the window
in focus, rather than the whole screen
Automatic switching from object level to bitmap recording when
encountering non-standard objects
Error Recovery (e.g. Browser crash)

MaxQ: no specific GUI recording features, however, the recording proxy
architecture does not require these. What your browser sends to the
host is recorded and played back. TestMaker: same.

Custom object capture
MaxQ: Apache-style license provides customizable source code library,
TestMaker: same

ODBC support
MaxQ: JDBC support only, TestMaker: same

Usage of external DLL APIs as well as .exe files
MaxQ: yes, using Java Native Interface, TestMaker: yes using JNI

Error Handling (ability to write handlers)
MaxQ: yes, TestMaker: yes

Allows Error Tracking database
MaxQ: yes, requires manual coding, TestMaker: yes, includes results
analysis package

Adaptability to various communication protocols (TCP/IP, IPX)
MaxQ: yes, support Java capabilities to support IPX, TestMaker: yes,
plus supports multiple protocol environments (HTTP, HTTPS, XML-RPC,

Ability to kick off scripts at a specified time; scripts can run
MaxQ: may run from command line, TestMaker: yes, including client
shell launch utilities that may be run as cron jobs
Wizard-driven database checkpoint
MaxQ: No, TestMaker: No

SAP support
PeopleSoft Support
Delphi Support
PowerBuilder Support

MaxQ: No special support, TestMaker: No special support

Euro Support
Y2K support
MaxQ: yes, TestMaker: yes

Visual Basic Support
Visual C++ Support
MaxQ: No, TestMaker: No

Analog and Context Sensitive Recording
MaxQ: No, TestMaker: No

Support for two or more families of Operating Systems
MaxQ: yes, TestMaker: yes

Support for different flavor of an Operating System
MaxQ: yes, TestMaker: yes

Support for different versions of Internet Explorer
MaxQ: no, TestMaker: yes

Support for different versions of Netscape
MaxQ: no, TestMaker: yes

GUI and Character base convention support
MaxQ: no, TestMaker: no

Password Encryption in scripts
MaxQ: No, TestMaker: No

On Jun 25, 2004, at 6:38 AM, <rbb at rkbloom dot net> wrote:

> <MaxQ - Queries.txt>
Frank Cohen, PushToTest, http://www.PushToTest.com, phone: 408 374 7426
Author of "Java Testing and Design: From Unit Tests to Automated Web
from Prentice Hall, details at http://thebook.pushtotest.com

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