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[maxq-users] Pamie

Author fcohen
Full name Frank Cohen
Date 2004-04-15 14:17:53 PDT
Message Has anyone taken a look at Pamie? This is another to consider along the
lines of a browser-based recorder. -Frank

This is an alpha release of Pamie.

There have been a lot of requests by people in the SQA field for an
application like this in Python. So with my very limited knowledge of
development I threw Pamie together.

PAMIE is Free! I just ask that if you use it, you share the knowledge
to make it better.

There are no Docs but it should be easy enough to figure out from the
example included. It runs right from PythonWin IDE. You use the IDE
for all your scripting.
What is Pamie? http://pamie.sourceforge.net/
Pamie allows you to write python scripts in order to drive Internet
Pamie is a lite python port of SAMIE written in Perl by Henry

This is a "free" open source tool written for QA Engineers or
Developers as
a means to simulate users exploring a web site.

Example: Shopper going to a product page, adding items to a cart and
making a purchase or perhaps
a user registering using an online registration/enrollment form.

Pamie is in the begining stages but is still quite useable.

Functions available for pam.py verison 1.0a:

ClickButton - Simulates a user clicking a button
ClickFrameLink - Simulates a user clicking link within a frame

ClickFormButton - Simulates a user clicking a form (submit) button
ClickImage - Simulates a user clicking an image
ClickLink - Simulates a user clicking a link
GetFrameNames - Get the names of the frames for that page
SetCheckBox - Simulates a user setting a checkbox to "True" or
SetRadioButton - Simulates a user setting a radio button to "True" or
SetFramesEditBox - Simulates a user entering text into a textbox
within a frame
SetListBox - Simulates a user selecting a listbox item
SetTextBox - - Simulates a user entering text into a textbox
For more information Contact: rmarchetti@[...].net

This is no support for pop-ups at this time.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest, http://www.PushToTest.com, phone: 408 374 7426
Enterprise test automation solutions to check and monitor Web-enabled
applications for functionality, scalability and reliability.

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