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[maxq-users] Sockets in RequestHandler?

Author fcohen
Full name Frank Cohen
Date 2003-10-01 11:54:53 PDT
Message I've been working on enabling MaxQ to support proxies and have run
across a problem. In MaxQ's RequestHandler class the socket
connections expect the host to close the server socket. Proxies by
specification will keep a socket connection alive until a timeout is
reached. So the patch I posted to this list last week to enable MaxQ to
parse and forward an HTTP request isn't very good, since most of the
time you'll be waiting for the proxy to time-out the connection.

I'm wondering why MaxQ uses Socket objects and doesn't make the HTTP
call using HTTPClient or the Sun URLConnection class?


Frank Cohen, Founder, PushToTest, http://www.PushToTest.com, phone: 408
374 7426
Come to PushToTest for free open-source test automation solutions that
test and monitor
Web-enabled applications, especially Web Services for scalability and

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[maxq-users] Sockets in RequestHandler? fcohen Frank Cohen 2003-10-01 11:54:53 PDT
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