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[maxq-users] save_end and whitespace

Author bhwithun
Full name Brian Withun
Date 2003-09-30 10:35:57 PDT
Message I recognize that this is more of an HTTP::Parser question, but maybe someone
here has figured this out...

When I capture text between <TEXTAREA> </TEXTAREA> tags using save_begin()
and save_end(), if the text contains blank lines they are being stripped

<TEXTAREA> line one
line two
line three </TEXTAREA>

txt = self.save_end()
print "[%s]" % txt
[line one line two line three]

Does anyone know a way around this?

-Brian Withun-

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[maxq-users] save_end and whitespace bhwithun Brian Withun 2003-09-30 10:35:57 PDT
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