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[maxq-users] random result click

Author Sys Admin <linuxguru at comcast dot net>
Full name Sys Admin <linuxguru at comcast dot net>
Date 2003-08-17 10:10:21 PDT
Message I am testing out Maxq for a web application that has a database back end
for the content. the problem i am having is that we cache results sets,
and when you request the same document over and over, you are just
getting the document out of cache. What i would like to know is if i
specify a random search term (doesn't look hard to do) will i pull
results from the first search? or from the new random search. it looks
like i pull the same results even when i change the search to a new

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[maxq-users] random result click Sys Admin <linuxguru at comcast dot net> Sys Admin <linuxguru at comcast dot net> 2003-08-17 10:10:21 PDT
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