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[maxq-users] Requests with return code 302 not recorded

Author ahnve
Full name Marcus Ahnve
Date 2003-08-07 12:38:57 PDT
Message I posted yesterday regarding the some POST's not getting picked up by the
recorder. After doing some sniffing I've come to realize that all the
requests not picked up have the return code 302 - temporarily moved.

A more detailed view of what I mean:

1. Get initial generic URL

GET http://localhost:8080 - return 302. Not recorded.

2. Forwarded to main page which will forward again since we're not logged in.

GET http://localhost:808​0/lcms/window/main - return 302. Not recorded.

3. Forwarded to login page.

GET http://localhost:808​0/lcms/window/login - return 200. Recorded!

4. Logging in with a post ...

POST http://localhost:808​0/lcms/window/login - return 302. Not recorded.

5. ... which will forward to the main page

GET http://localhost:808​0/lcms/window/main - return 200. Recorded!

Are there any known issues regarding this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards /Marcus Ahnve

Marcus Ahnve email: marcus dot ahnve at lecando dot com
Lecando AB Tel: +46-(0)8-634 94 18
Sweden ICQ#: 45644879

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[maxq-users] Requests with return code 302 not recorded ahnve Marcus Ahnve 2003-08-07 12:38:57 PDT
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