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Re: [maxq-users] Re: Accepting Cookies

Author fcohen
Full name Frank Cohen
Date 2003-06-04 07:45:35 PDT
Message Thanks for the invitation to contribute a patch. You will be getting
them from me as I maintain the MaxQ functions in TestMaker.

In the case of jCookie, it seems to me that the better solution would
be to figure out why HTTPClient is not handling Sparky's cookie
response from the host. If it turns out to be a difficiency in
HTTPClient's cookie handling code then the cleaner solution would be
for HTTPClient to adopt jCookie.

Is Ronald on the users or dev@maxq lists?


On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at 05:57 AM, James Manning wrote:

>> [Frank Cohen]
>> I remember going through my own cookie hell when writing TestMaker -
>> my
>> open-source test tool that integrates much of MaxQ. Details are at
>> http://www.pushtotest.com/ptt. I found that my cookie handling code
>> failed to handle all the different permutations of cookies out there.
>> I
>> eventually chose to scrap my cookie handling code and use jCookie. A
>> good article on jCookie is at:
>> http://www.javaworld​.com/javaworld/jw-04​-2002/jw-0426-cookie​.html
>> I feel strange recommending my TestMaker utility on MaxQ's email
>> list... but it will likely solve your problem.
> No problem, just please send along a patch that switches maxq over to
> jCookie so that we can evaluate switching the cookie handling to that
> :)
> If it doesn't break existing cases and adds support for new ones, I
> can't imagine it not being considered, and the smaller you can make
> your own patch to maxq, the easier it'll be to maintain over time.
> I've used open-source projects in commercial ventures all the time,
> and it has always worked out great for all parties when I send patches
> along - sometimes they're accepted into the main project, sometimes
> not.
> Obviously MaxQ is BSD-licensed and this is by no means required, just
> merely suggesting :)
> --
> James Manning <http://www.sublogic.​com/james/>
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> F6E4
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Frank Cohen, Founder, PushToTest, http://www.PushToTest.com, phone: 408
374 7426
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Re: [maxq-users] Re: Accepting Cookies fcohen Frank Cohen 2003-06-04 07:45:35 PDT
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