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[maxq-users] Javascript support

Author "Baburaj#sprinttech dot com" <baburajc at sprinttech dot com>
Full name "Baburaj#sprinttech dot com" <baburajc at sprinttech dot com>
Date 2003-05-27 21:31:26 PDT
Message I am new to the group and am trying Maxq for creating test scripts.

I am having 2 major issues as for now.

1) I would like to know how client side validations could be taken care in
my Python (maxq created) scripts. For eg; in a typical form submit
action, many of the validations (like Maximum length, Mandatory checks,
Duplicate checks) are handled by client side Javascript. How can I
implement this in my Maxq test script?

Can any of your good offices help me out in this issue, so that I can
start designing my test scripts.

2) Also can I have a sample test script generated by Maxq, for a typical
operation like a "Form Submission".

Thanks and Regards


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[maxq-users] Javascript support "Baburaj#sprinttech dot com" <baburajc at sprinttech dot com> "Baburaj#sprinttech dot com" <baburajc at sprinttech dot com> 2003-05-27 21:31:26 PDT
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