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[maxq-users] MaxQ 0.94 released

Author James Cooper <pixel at bitmechanic dot com>
Full name James Cooper <pixel at bitmechanic dot com>
Date 2003-04-28 10:34:13 PDT
Message hi everyone,

MaxQ 0.94 is now available.


The download is on bitmechanic now just so I can track download
stats. linked to from the tigris.org download page too.


here are the changes:

maxq 0.94 - April 14, 2003 (James Manning, Edgar Nidome, James Cooper)
- fix so redirects aren't automatically followed during playback
- switch to ArrayList instead of HashMap for holding params
- switch to triple-quotes for quoting name/value pair entries (with
- switch to writing entire stanzas to buffer at once
  to prevent stanzas being interleaved from multiple
  simultaneous requests
- handle multi-part requests correctly
- change URL output during test playback to reflect -urlreplace

thanks to everyone for helping out!

-- James

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[maxq-users] MaxQ 0.94 released James Cooper <pixel at bitmechanic dot com> James Cooper <pixel at bitmechanic dot com> 2003-04-28 10:34:13 PDT
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