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[maxq-users] Help: Importing other libraries (MySQLdb)

Author bhwithun
Full name Brian Withun
Date 2003-04-02 08:09:17 PST
Message I have installed MaxQ and am writing my own python test suites. One of the
problems I'm running into is that I cannot have my python scripts import

It doesn't seem to be a matter of simply adjusting the sys.path to point to
the MySQLdb.py because there ISN'T a MySQLdb.py... there is only a subdir
MySQLdb and within that subdir is an __init__.py. It appears that the
initialization of Python discovers and initializes MySQLdb... and it's
somehow internally referenced? Is this making any sense?

I have been unsuccessful so far, and my web searches aren't turning up much
help on this subject. I am hoping that someone out there is using MaxQ with
MySQL and they have figured out how to do this already.

 Brian Withun
Hilgraeve, Inc.

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[maxq-users] Help: Importing other libraries (MySQLdb) bhwithun Brian Withun 2003-04-02 08:09:17 PST
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