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[maxq-users] extensions ?

Author kevin_holmes
Full name Kevin Holmes
Date 2003-03-19 16:01:28 PST
Message Hi all,

I found MaxQ just before it was shifted to Tigris. After having decided on MaxQ for our company's (www.open-iq.com) testing strategy I was very gratified to see it recognised in the mainstream.

For our work; all J2EE web apps, it seemed that it would be simple to add some very handy features to MaxQ. We have extended it to check for MaxQ formated html comments in the response, and add assertions to the generated script for the content of these comments.

We also added the following :

- A jsp tag maxQTag, which creates a MaxQ html comment with the name of the JSP and any MaxQ variables in the session. And a java app to insert said tag in all the jsps within a directory.

- The ability to specify a directory of jython scripts to run.

- A simple java app to execute sql scripts through jdbc against a database so that db "clean slate" scripts can be integrated into the ant script that runs the regression test suite.

You can find the binaries for all this with an ANT script, at www.open-iq.com/Open​IQMaxQBin.zip

to check it out, change the run.bat for your JAVA_HOME and ANT classpath, and run it with no arguments to get the useage.

Iet me know if anything looks useful.


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[maxq-users] extensions ? kevin_holmes Kevin Holmes 2003-03-19 16:01:28 PST
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