Can you give more precisions please. I am not very familiar with Python (this is my first project with this language) so I do not understand what you mean by \u notation.
I give a look to the pyhton docs, and it seems that I have to use \u for each string in my application. Is it correct ? If so it is not acceptable (my application mainly deals with strings and also with user strings so I do not know if it will work).

And I think this is not the solution because the problem is that the jython interpreter works well when it interprets the file with the good encoding (it is not that the string are badly encoded I think).
For example, under Linux, having my file encoded into UTF-8 will give the good results but under Windows it will fail.
And of course, the contrary is also true : encoding my files in ISO8859 give the good solution uinder Windows but not under Linux.
Do I miss something with the encodings ?

BTW, I am really ded up with encoding problems :)


Marcin Cieslak wrote:
On 5/20/05, christophe blin <> wrote:
But I do not know how to use this solution with MaxQ.
More clearly, how do you tell maxq that the python scripts are in
ISO8859_1 (and not in UTF8) ?

Have you tried using \u notation instead of -encoding flag?


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