Python (and Jython) care about indenting.  It must be completely consistent except on comment lines and blank lines.  Python/Jython consider a tab character to be equivalent to 8 spaces I think, but it is best to have no tabs.

Did you edit the script using another editor?  It might have replaced tabs with spaces or spaces with tabs, or somehow mucked up the indent.  Does the indenting look consistent in Notepad?


On 11/01/2008, at 10:39, Dan Cordell (Temporary) wrote:

I'm running MaxQ on two different machines, WinXP and Vista, and getting an identical error when I try to run a recording. Here's the error, before I explain what I was doing:

Traceback (innermost last):
  (no code object) at line 0
  File "<string>", line 15
           self.setCharset('; boundary=---------------------------27958115224164')
SyntaxError: inconsistent dedent
All I've done so far is install Jython, MaxQ, and then recorded a short script (logging into an internal site, clicking one link, then logging out). I've done the recording seperately on each machine. As I said above, one machine is running WinXP (all the latest service packs and patches), and the other is running Vista (likewise).

Java version is 1.6.0_03 on each machine.

I did a search through the issues and user archives of the MaxQ mailing list, as well as several web searches, and as far as I can tell nobody else has had this problem.

Anyone have any ideas? Have I missed a step in installation, or misconfigured MaxQ (not that I saw any configuration to deal with upon installation)?