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This question properly belongs in the 'users' mailing list, as this mailing list is used for messages sent by the bug tracking system.

I think that Google refuses to work when it finds a non-standard browser reported.  Could this be the problem?  I think in those cases it would return a message explaining the problem.  What return code are you getting?

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From: Cor-Paul Bezemer <koningcor@live.nl>
Date: 27 November 2008 10:48:16 PM
To: <issues@maxq.tigris.org>
Subject: Proxy issue with certain sites

I am encountering some issues with the proxy for certain sites.
Example: http://www.google.com (or any google search site, for that matter) shows only an empty page.
http://www.postbank.nl resets the proxy connection; perhaps this has something to do with the redirect?
I have tested this in Firefox.
Best regards,

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