python.path was commented in in maxq\conf\
The notes in the file say to separate multiple directories. I assume that since directories can have a : in the name such as c:\python22 the directories must be quoted. So I tried quoting them and separating them with semicolons with and without qoutes.
The paths I added were:
After doing so I get the error message:
ImportError: no module named PyHttpTestCase
So tried adding c:\maxq\jython to no avail.

I think there's a bug in the handling of paths: a colon is hardcoded as the path separator instead of using a semicolon when running on Windows.  I've committed a fix, but I cannot test it at the moment since I don't have Windows where I am.  If you can use the CVS version, can you please tell me if it helps?


P.S. You should be using semicolons to separate paths and not using quotes.