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  1. Ensure you have Java 2 v1.4 or later. From UNIX you can check from your command line by running:
    java -version
    From Windows you can check the list in Add/Remove Programs. If your Java is earlier than 1.4 then you must download a new version. Java Standard Edition (J2SE) is fine.
  2. Ensure java is in your PATH. If you can run:
    java -version
    at your command line then everything is right. If not then you must edit the included bin/maxq.bat (Windows) or bin/maxq (UNIX) files and replace java with the full path to your java binary (java.exe on Windows), or change your PATH environment variable.
  3. Download the latest version of MaxQ and unzip it. MaxQ normally does not care what directory it is in, but you may want to add MaxQ's bin directory to your PATH environment variable.
  4. If you are running Windows 95, 98 or ME then you must change the directory in the set MAXQ line in bin/maxq.bat to the directory containing MaxQ.

If you have any problems, ask on our mailing lists.

Running Behind a Firewall

If you are running MaxQ behind a firewall then you must give MaxQ the address of your proxy server. Uncomment and set these two lines in conf/maxq.properties: